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Code Red

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About Code Red

Code Red is a fast-paced pixel art game where you play as a monster and try to escape an underground lab. You will have to jump, dodge laser traps, climb...

Code Red is a fast-paced pixel art game where you play as a monster and try to escape an underground lab. You will have to jump, dodge laser traps, climb walls, and use your abilities to destroy the walls of the lab. Once you manage to break one of them, you will automatically exit that room and appear in another part of the map with new walls to smash. The game has around 20 minutes of playing time and offers 3 different difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard). If you like fast-paced games where you need to be precise and react quickly

Pixel art is a great way to clean up your illustrations and keep the details. But making pixel art of monsters and characters is not easy; it’s like solving puzzles all day long! We had to find several ways to make our characters fit into different types of environments by using only 16 x 16 px. You may think that converting real-life objects or people into pixel art would be so much easier than drawing from scratch, but you’d be wrong. If you’re struggling with creating pixelated monsters and characters, this article will help you

Pixel art is a style of computer graphics where most or all of the graphic is made from a limited number of colored pixels. These images are created using simple geometric shapes, with the goal of using as few colors as possible. The images are often smaller than standard graphics but can have just as much detail and information. In this post, You will learn how to create a pixely monster character, inspired by Code Red game. Let’s get

Pixel art is a style of visual art, first emerging as a sub-genre in the video game scene in the early 2000s. It is often seen as an intermediate point for artists who want to move on from traditional pixelated 8-bit graphics and make something much more detailed, but don’t yet have the skills or resources 

In this game, you are a pixel monster who needs to take his friends to the exit in order to get rid of them. This will not be an easy You’ll need to use the platforms carefully and avoid touching the floor or falling down. If you succeed, your friends will give you a high score

How to play Code Red

Using Mouse

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