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Dead Estate

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About Dead Estate

This is the deadest time of year. The Church of Eternal Dusk banishes the restless souls from the mortal realm, imprisoning them in catacombs beneath haunted...

This is the deadest time of year. The Church of Eternal Dusk banishes the restless souls from the mortal realm, imprisoning them in catacombs beneath haunted graveyards. When you add to that, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse? And sure enough, we get plenty of those this time around! Get ready to explore a never-ending cemetery, fight off hordes of zombies, and battle ghouls as you search for new survivors and escape with your life intact. Maybe not quite intact… Dead Estate is an open-world survival simulation game with a focus on exploration, exploration, and some more exploration. Explore dungeons filled with traps and puzzles; find hidden treasures; discover abandoned villages; uncover long-forgotten tombs; cross perilous mazes; hunt down dangerous animals (and learn how to cook them); barter for supplies and upgrade your equipment at shops; explore abandoned houses for ammunition caches or other useful supplies. If you’ve ever wanted to roleplay as a self-sufficient, survivalist character in an undead setting then now’s your chance! With over 10 hours of gameplay at your disposal you won’t run out of things to do before the final credits roll. Join us today 

Zombie are coming out from their graves from every direction! They're hungry and scary! Be prepared to face the dead when they come after you! Are you ready to fight against the real zombie? Drop your weapons, run and hide in this undead survival shooter with a classic dungeon crawler feel. A map for the dead plot to take over the world once again. Will you be able to stop them? It's time to kill again. HALLOWEEN is on its way, so there will be a lot of zombies running around. They are also stronger than usual; they won't fall after one hit and they're really fast. If you want to survive, you've got only one option: find ammunition, arm yourself, craft traps and make friends with people inside so no one comes out. You'll have to hide from other living people or go somewhere else if everyone escapes from here. There are many different types of zombies outside as well as inside your home or allies' place - some of them might just bite your neck before attacking you while others might not attack at all. So pay attention and stay safe

In this continuation of the series you’ll meet a character from the previous games in the series, an escaped zombie who is now seeking revenge. The game features pixelated graphics and a simple but engaging gameplay. You take control of a Zombie named John who has been raised as a human by his wife Rose. You start as John going out to explore the world with your pet dog Rover and other zombies that you find along the way. The game has several different types of scenarios coupled with progressive difficulty levels so gamers will be able to unlock new areas and characters as they progress. The chilling music, eerie sound effects and beautiful pixel art will keep you playing even after you finish 

You are a new detective. Your client was found dead in his mansion with no signs of struggle. Local police have been called in to investigate, but they haven’t gotten very far than you have. The only clue they have is the note your client left for you to find. Those local cops aren’t the only ones calling in help The rest of the super sleuths from across the world are coming too! It seems that there’s some strange activity going on outside of town as Perhaps you can help solve both mysteries

Are you still searching for a game that challenges your skills and reflexes? Then look no further than Dungeon Hunters! You are the hero of this game. After a mysterious death of your wife, you are left with nothing but a small cottage and an old farm in the middle

How to play Dead Estate

Using Mouse

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