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Deep Space Horror: Outpost

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About Deep Space Horror: Outpost

This is the story of a small outpost on an unknown planet. It is a scientific research station, with scientists from Earth who have come to study different...

This is the story of a small outpost on an unknown planet. It is a scientific research station, with scientists from Earth who have come to study different life forms of this planet. But there are some creatures that shouldn’t be studied. They are called The Space Horror and they lurk in dark places and attack people at night. So as you can imagine, it was not a pleasant experience for everyone living here. A few brave souls survived the attacks of these monsters and were able to escape to another safer location. Now they are trying to rebuild their lives in this new place but they will need all the help they can get if they want to survive. They call this place the Outpost and it is the only safe haven

During your exploration of uncharted zones, you stumble upon an old outpost and discover that it has been deserted for a long time. The station looks like it was recently inhabited as there are signs of life. There are also traces of a struggle - either something terrifying escaped from the outpost, or someone tried to hold it back and failed miserably. This is likely going to be the most dangerous expedition of yours. If you want to stay alive, prepare yourself well and look for supplies before venturing into the unknown. Here are some tips that may help you explore this space outpost

The year is 2281, just over fifty years after an ancient evil known as the Incursion ravaged our world. Mankind had to band together and build a Space Station called Outpost Willa in order to defend ourselves against the oncoming threat of the Incursion. However, nobody knew how long it could be maintained or defended against this ancient evil. After many decades of constant attempts to fight off the Incursion threat, our scientists finally discovered an artifact that they believe can seal off the Incurcion once and for all

You wont believe where you end up when you are exploring the unknown in outer space. The universe hides many dangers and mysteries. Many people have been lost in the cold darkness of space, never to return again. In this fantastic free Android game you take on the role of a crew member aboard an outpost in the great unknown. You are on a mission to discover new planets for the human race and to expand our reach into outer space. You are excited about your next exploration but things don't turn out the way you think

Space is a dangerous place. Outposts are even more so. Strange creatures and even stranger dangers await anybody who sets up shop in space. The need for resources, the desire to expand and the lure of cheap land prices means that outposts are springing up all over the galaxy. This guide will help you know what to look out for when buying an outpost, as well as some advice on how to survive once you’ve bought one and set up your base

How to play Deep Space Horror: Outpost

Using Mouse

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