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Diseviled 3

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About Diseviled 3

Diseviled is a platform game with horror and stealth elements. Players control an avatar (known as the “Kid”) who must sneak around one of seven randomly-generated...

Diseviled is a platform game with horror and stealth elements. Players control an avatar (known as the “Kid”) who must sneak around one of seven randomly-generated dungeons filled with monsters. The Kid has no weapons or abilities, so instead must use stealth and cunning to avoid being spotted by enemies, find hiding places when discovered, and locate secrets in the levels. Dis e viled features a simple but dynamic AI for the monsters which means they are not just triggered by sight or sound but also any changes in temperature, smells, wind direction etc. Each monster has its own personality and characteristics that allow it to hunt down the Kid in complex ways. There are currently 25 different monster types in the game: Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies, Goblins, Witches

DisEviled is back with a brand new chapter in its fantastic fight against evil. In this third installment of the game, you once again play the role of an apprentice witch or wizard who has to prove his or her worth by fighting against monsters and demons. The game’s plot is once again very simple: you are an apprentice of the DisE viled school of witchcraft and wizardry who has been tasked with eliminating as many demons and monsters as possible. As such, your ultimate goal is to find all hidden objectives throughout the game and complete them one by one. 

Diseviled 3 will take you to a new adventure in the dark world of fiends. You are coming back to the cursed kingdom, where you have an opportunity to discover new secrets and save fair maidens that were kidnapped by demons. Explore different locations, fight frightening monsters, and solve puzzles to find the way out. Prove your courage and do everything possible not only to save the princess but also win her heart. To beat all challenges, use all available tricks – you will need them all! Good luck

The third episode of the Diseviled series is even spookier than the previous two! Embark on a fantastic journey and discover what lurks in the shadows of the old abbey. Once again, you will meet curious characters, solve puzzles and avoid traps to escape from this nightmare as soon as possible. This time, you will fight against monsters and demons from another dimension; Prepare yourself for some spooky things

Diseviled 3 is the third installment of the 3rd person co-op action franchise. Players will once again assume the roles of the beloved heroes from the previous games to fight a new wave of sinister enemies across a variety of sinister locales. Players must work together as a team to defeat increasingly challenging enemies and bosses in this fast-paced and explosive co-op

How to play Diseviled 3

Using Mouse

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