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FNAF: Final Purgatory

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About FNAF: Final Purgatory

Every year in the town of Hallownest, the souls that were trapped in purgatory are released by a mysterious entity known as "The Gatherer". Failure to...

Every year in the town of Hallownest, the souls that were trapped in purgatory are released by a mysterious entity known as "The Gatherer". Failure to escape from the purgatory means one will be sent to Hell instead. In order to succeed in escaping from the purgatory and being able to walk freely in Hallownest once more, you'll need to explore every nook and cranny of this strange new world, discover hidden secrets and solve challenging puzzles. You'll need to think like a detective, use your wits rather than brute force and make important moral choices throughout your adventure. This is an exploration point-and-click game set in an abandoned fairground which you'll need to explore thoroughly and uncover its many secrets in order to survive. There are 7 chapters (or difficulties) with 3 different endings each. It's recommended playing through it on medium difficulty as it gets progressively harder with each player

In the year 2048, a fantastic and fantastic world, where mankind has created great robots and artificial intelligent called ‘vending machines’. In every home, there is a vending machine which sells various products. And one of those products is an animatronic that looks exactly like a human being, except it doesn’t have any soul inside of it. Therefore, they are called ‘hollow animatronics’. Some people will treat these halloween masks as decorations while others will treat them as treasures to be kept in their homes as a good luck charm. Some people know that if they break the mask with tools or violent actions they will get into ‘final punishment’ while others don’t know anything about that fact. Here we bring you more information on this mysterious

You’re a rookie and yet you have just made it to the final stage of this hellish amusement park. You see all your friends and family who have been stuck in one section or another for weeks, maybe even months. You are just happy that they are out of their misery but now it is your turn. The new owner has brought in an expert to show you what’s required to finish off this place once and for all. Sounds fair, right? Well, maybe not so much… The Final Stages of Freddy Fazbears Nightmares consists of different mini games, some of which are easy while others are quite challenging. If you’re up for the challenge then read on as we tell you more about each game and how to win

The game is a new point and click horror adventure game. You’ve just been thrown into the final purgatory, a place where you must survive until dawn. Every night is worse than the last as you search for ways to escape. Only the bravest and most cunning of your friends can help you make it through this hellish place. Explore every inch of this mysterious realm and its terrifying inhabitants in order to uncover hidden clues, solve devious puzzles and unravel the mystery that lies at its heart before sunrise. 

After a year of being trapped in the world of FNaF, players find themselves in purgatory. As Foxy, players must explore halloween themed rooms to fulfill their final requests by finding hidden objects and solving puzzles as they work their way to their escape.

How to play FNAF: Final Purgatory

Using Mouse

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