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FNF Vs. Mario's Madness - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Vs. Mario's Madness - [Friday Night Funkin']

As you probably know, FnF is back with a new mini game called MARIOS MADNESS FRIDAY. This time we have painted the town in a FLOOD OF FUNK and each player...

As you probably know, FnF is back with a new mini game called MARIOS MADNESS FRIDAY. This time we have painted the town in a FLOOD OF FUNK and each player gets their own colored guitar as well as a deck of cards with different funk rhythms in the same color. Let’s talk about MAFIA style games and how they are played before we get into our breakdown of the rules, strategies, tips and tricks to help you win! There are three major components to any Mafia-style game: clues, roles and consequences. Clues – The first component is clues. These are information cards that players can use as “evidence” during the game. They provide insight into who might be involved and specific details that can be used to help prove your case during gameplay. Roles – The second component is roles. These are character card sets that represent people participants will play to resolve conflict or advance their goals during gameplay. They come with various abilities, skills and resources which can be used at game setup to create scenarios for the remainder of the game or incorporate them into your narrative afterward if you so choose. Finally, there are also different ways to obtain role cards by winning through competition, acquiring them from other players or a combination of both depending on your strategy for acquiring role cards in-game. Consequences – The last component is consequences. These are negative effects that occur if certain things happen during gameplay or if certain actions.

The 8th Annual FnF Madness Friday Night Funkin’s theme for this Friday is ROCK ‘N’ ROLL! The first ever theme song of the event is definitely going to be a rocking good one. This year we decided to bring some rock and roll in a party that has funk, our signature style. We have got some very talented DJs lined up for this party and are not sure who will take home the crown but we are pretty certain it will be a fierce battle. We have said it before and we’ll say it again – this whole thing started as a joke and now they want us to shut down.

Ever played a game called “Funkin’ Friday Night?” This is that game. It’s also called Marios Madness for some reason… you know, because it features Mario characters and all. Well, either way, it’s a fun time playing this game! It has everything you need in a videogame: rhythm and music, horror elements, a little bit of fighting, and even some mini-games to break up all the action. But don't worry if you haven't played this wonderful game we'll explain it to you in detail.

F N F is a rhythm game where you’ll face against Marios as he attempts to escape from the Asylum. There, it’s dark and scary. You mustn’t let him come out, or else! FEATURES • Unlock new playable characters by completing challenges in each level, beat Marios and his friends back into the Asylum! • Complete each stage with three stars to unlock New Challenges! • Compete with your friends via Google Play Games and see who can get the best score in the game.

In this episode of Friday Night Funkin’, we get a behind the scenes look at the madness that occurs during our weekly game of Marios Madness. This week Luigi is challenged to take on all three Koopalings in a battle for dominance. Will he overcome their sneaky tricks and defeat them? Or will he be vanquished by their superior wit? Watch and learn

How to play FNF Vs. Mario's Madness - [Friday Night Funkin']

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