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FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe - [Friday Night Funkin']

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About FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe - [Friday Night Funkin']

A rhythm game inspired by the popular arcade title, Dance Dance Revolution. While not directly based on the original DDR game, this rhythm game loosely...

A rhythm game inspired by the popular arcade title, Dance Dance Revolution. While not directly based on the original DDR game, this rhythm game loosely follows the same format and gameplay mechanics as the original arcade version. The goal is to follow the arrows in time with the music and press one of the arrow buttons corresponding to the arrows that are coming towards you at a steady pace. You must also avoid any obstacles that will appear on-screen throughout each song (such as lights, or moving platforms). As you clear each set of arrows, you earn points that go towards your score at the end of each song. There are also bonus points awarded if you get hit by a green arrow when it appears. This is a mostly fun game with some issues holding it back from being a great experience. The biggest issue I have with it is how difficult it can be to progress through songs after getting used to them. This isn’t helped by the fact that there’s almost no player feedback for most of your moves during a song; so unless you’re paying close attention or physically watching someone playing it, getting good at this game can feel like an uphill battle instead of something enjoyable and challenging.

It's time for another Friday evening of funky music and video games. Tonight’s FRIDAY FUNKIN’ 10-V-8 has something just for you, rhinestone-studded or not. We got it all, from rhythm games to horror titles to old-school party games. We'll be starting off our night with a little bit of the ol’ rhumba with Dance Dance Revolution: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG CRASH! SONIC IS BACK AND HE'S HAVING A BALL. This game is so good that it inspired a sequel which we will be reviewing in the near future. Our next title is an indie gem that doesn’t get nearly enough love: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. Then we got some classic Pac-Man, with Ms. Pac Man and Galaga ARAM! Last but not least, there’s those two 7th Guest sequels I keep talking That answers your question though, why did we review them twice now? Well if you know what's good for you then stay tuned because after this coming update we're going to release another one starring our tiny friend Mr. Toad!! Oh yeah and let's not forget about this weeks DLC! Yes it's another Full House Fighter (Full Auto 2) but also many other surprises including a new mini.

Friday night and all that. Here’s what to do if you are looking for some cool things to do on a Friday night. There are so many activities and events going around this time of the week, you really need to plan ahead. Plus, there’s just something about the weekend – it stretches out before you and there’s no more homework or test prep to worry about. Why is everyone afraid of the weekend? Well, it gives you more time off work, more sleep, and most importantly: FREEDOM! Even though we can’t have as many days off as we want but with these activities on a Friday night, we’ll be good enough. Here are some things to do on a Friday night if you happen to be stuck indoors due to bad weather outside or school.

It's that time again kids! It's that time of the year when the whole world stares in horror and gazes with longing eyes at their alarm clocks. Yes, it's almost time to celebrate the one day a year where we get to pretend like our lives are filled to the brim with love and pure happiness. No, not Valentine's talking about FRIDAY THE 13TH of course! And what better way to celebrate this most hallowed of days than by getting together with your friends, dancing wildly as you play some killer tunes and until you drop, drinkin' in the nigh-unparalleled atmosphere brought forth by a great selection of YOUR favorite

We are back with another episode of Fun Friday, the new video series we are putting together for you. Today we’re going to take a look at the most popular rhythm game of all time, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! If there’s one thing every gamer loves (besides video games), it’s funk rhythm games. So what better way to combine these two wonderful things than with a Funkin’ Friday dance party? We call this episode “Fnf Vs Sonicexe Saturday Night Funkin,game,rhythm, music, fnf, horror, halloween...

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