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What’s up, guys? Are you addicted to those shooting games like zombie apocalypse and monster hunter? Are you looking for something different from the...

What’s up, guys? Are you addicted to those shooting games like zombie apocalypse and monster hunter? Are you looking for something different from the typical and monotonous shooting game? Then, this article is for you. If yes, read on further to discover a new game like no other. This game is unlike others that we have played before. The new game called ‘Destruction Monster-Goat’ will make you go gaga with its interesting gameplay and challenging levels. It blends the concepts of destruction and monster-goat along with arcade and gore. Sounds interesting right? Keep reading to know more about the upcoming game, its release date, pre-registration process and how to play

In this fun and gory game, you are a monster in a lab full of scientists. Your goal is to eat them all! Their goal is to survive as long as possible. You have the advantage because they can’t see you while you can see them through cameras. Use your advantage and sneak up on them and devour them before they discover where you are hiding. They will run and try to find hidden doors or escape through locked ones but if they leave the camera view, it means they’ve escaped from you for now so go back to your hiding spot and wait for another

Let’s face it: everyday life is stressful. Some people cope with their stress in healthy ways, while others find unhealthy outlets for their stress. What if we told you that there was a way to relieve your stress and feel good about it? Read on to find out more about the benefits of playing video games, and specifically, the fun world of video games.

Did you ever think that a monster can be so cute? Well, not exactly cute. But this monster is definitely adorable. This little one just wants to have fun and destroy things around him. Sounds like a perfect candidate for an awesome arcade game! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start building the funniest monster slaying

Let’s face it: monsters are scary! But what if they come in cute and cuddly versions too? Well, that would be so much cuter, wouldn’t it? But hold your hat because the little monster in this game is going to wreck the place. You don’t believe us? Then read on and find out for yourself.

How to play Mexico Rex

Using Mouse

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