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About Monsters TD

Monsters are coming to destroy your village! You must build towers to guard against them. Build towers anywhere in your village – even on walls, trees...

Monsters are coming to destroy your village! You must build towers to guard against them. Build towers anywhere in your village – even on walls, trees or roofs! Place different kinds of towers with varying benefits to defeat the monsters. This tower defense game is brought to you by and its clone Monster Tower Defense: Monsters TD! In this beautiful and challenging monster tower defense game, you have the opportunity to defend yourself from these voracious beasts that want to destroy your little civilization. Build towers anywhere in your village with walls, roofs, trees, rivers and other natural features for maximum defense! You can also place your towers on walls, trees or rooftops for additional cover and protection from enemy attacks. Tanks - They fire faster than archers but they do less damage per shot. They work well as a second line of defense because they’re fast moving and have a good range. If you see one of these tanks head towards you make sure it’s not headed towards another tower because then it will automatically attack that tank.

Ever wanted to build a city of your own and watch it thrive from its own citizens? If yes, then you should definitely check out Monster TD! Build an amazing city and defend it from the evil creatures that attack it. Defend your city with towers and traps placed strategically to eliminate the enemies. Build houses for your citizens to have them settle there permanently and make their lives easier. Monster TD can be played in Single Player Mode against AI or online with Friends. Play on different maps, each map having its own set of monsters, traps and towers to defend against them. There are numerous combinations of which you can play Monster TD 

Monster Tower Defense is a mix of tower defense and classic action arcade games. It’s an addictive game with simple controls. Monster TD is the new way to play tower defense. The monsters have escaped from their cells and invaded the city again! Fortunately, you are here: the call has gone out for help. You are the only one who can stop them. Place towers to trap and destroy them before they reach your end goal. To win you’ll need more than defensive strategy; you’ll also need fast reflexes and smart tactics if you want to succeed. Monster TD is inspired by old-school arcade games like snake, Qix, and Space Invaders - without being obtrusive

Monster TD Strategy game is a unique hybrid of action-packed tower defense gameplay and strategic base management. Grow your monster kingdom and defend it from hordes of attacking monsters! While playing this game, you will feel like you are playing an action adventure role playing game. Monster TD combines the role playing game with the strategy tower defense genre in one neat package. You must construct various towers to repel the advancing enemies, upgrade your town and make your empire strong enough to fend off attacks from other players 

Monster Tower Defense is a strategy game developed by Ketchapp. In this game, you will play as a monster who needs to protect itself and its spawn. You need to build defensive structures around your base so that no one can attack you. You are given a limited supply of resources and time in which to build up your defenses. Use them wisely! If you do not, the attacking monsters will destroy your base and everything inside. Download Monster Tower Defense from Google Play Store

How to play Monsters TD

Using Mouse

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