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About Run Zombie Run

Zombie Run is a zombie shooting game. In this game you are a Walker Zombie and your goal is to escape from the city. Your mission is to kill humans or...

Zombie Run is a zombie shooting game. In this game you are a Walker Zombie and your goal is to escape from the city. Your mission is to kill humans or zombies, run away as fast as possible and hide in the safety of your house before sunrise. If you lose track of it you can come back in the map to see if anyone has found your corpse yet. You are armed with melee weapons and firearms that you find along the way like pistols, shotguns and rifles. Shoot whatever moves around, be it humans or zombies. It will be easier for you if you have a car, but even without one, running away from fast undead pursuers can be fun. The nicer houses will provide better visibility for them since they don’t need to break any windows just to get in there; however, their inhabitants are more likely to have some defensive measures against them like traps and alarms that might give you some trouble before eventually letting you out. Check out our other games

Zombie Run is a first-person, zombie-survival shooter. You will play as a survivor trying to escape from the zombies that have invaded your city. Your main goal is to reach the nearest Military Base and request for an evacuation. But be careful! The Military Base is heavily guarded and it will not be easy for you to pass through all of their Use your skills to fight the army of zombies, solve puzzles and collect items in order to make it safely till the Military Base. Along your journey, you will meet other survivors who also need help making it out alive. Can you save them all? Will you be able Come Back?

Zombie Run is a game for android, in which you will play as a zombie who has an objective to reach the other side of the city. To cross the city and get to your final destination, you will have to avoid the human survivors, survive the roaming zombies and other types of undead monsters. Along with your objective, you should also know that there are many traps littered throughout the city that can harm or even kill unsuspecting humans. If you want to complete your mission successfully, it’s best that you learn how to use different weapons. So what are you waiting for? Start playing this free web game

Welcome to Zombie Run - a game that takes zombies, turns them into heroes and sends them on a quest! In order to destroy the evil zombie virus, the scientists have created Biological Experiments. These experiments have gone wrong and turned most of the world's population into zombies. Now it's up to you to lead the zombie heroes on an epic quest to save humanity! Use your weapons wisely and aim carefully as every bullet counts! You can play as either Humans or Zombies in different mazes with different themes. You can also replay levels and catch any remaining zombies 

Play as a lone survivor and fight the zombies by running them down, camping and making traps. You can also find weapons, ammo and other useful stuff in your way. Try to survive as long as you can so that you could rescue more survivors in future runs. The longer you survive, the more survivor perks you unlock such as faster movement speed or extra baggage

How to play Run Zombie Run

Using Mouse

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