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Silent Lullaby

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About Silent Lullaby

For years, children have disappeared without a trace in the small town of Darkwater. The older they get, the scarier it gets. As if that’s not scary...

For years, children have disappeared without a trace in the small town of Darkwater. The older they get, the scarier it gets. As if that’s not scary enough, there are rumors of a creature that stalks the night and preys on the innocent. It’s said that anyone who enters this place never leaves now. You are Billタルト (Hangul: Bill Tarot), an apprentice detective investigating these strange disappearances. One day you receive an urgent telegram to return home immediately… Explore Darkwater searching for clues and rediscovering its secrets as you race against time to uncover the truth about this hauntingly familiar place spot before.

You are a loner who has moved to the town of Silent Lapse. The only thing you know about this place is that it used to be an old abandoned psychiatric hospital. You have no idea why it is now abandoned or what happened to the patients who used to stay there, but you are excited to explore and find out. Soon after moving in, strange things start happening. Strange noises come from your room at night as if something is calling As you venture into the depths of the old hospital, you begin to realize that this place hides a sinister secret - one that could threaten all.

Silent Lullaby is a horror point-and-click game with exploration and adventure elements. Set in the Cold Stream Manor during the year 1898, you play as Victoria, a young girl who has recently moved there with her mother and little sister. In order to help Victoria adjust to the new surroundings, her mother bought her a baby doll named Alice. However, the dolls presence soon caused Victoria to have nightmarish visions of her new home being taken over by ghostly spirits. Now it’s up to you to explore Cold Stream Manor and discover what evil lurks within it. haunted

Welcome to the world of "THE SILENT LULLABY"! A new point and click horror adventure game by Fabry Games. This time, you play as an infant in a care center called "The Silent Lullaby". You are not able to speak or cry out for help. And no one can hear you if you scream. There are many secrets hidden in this place… Are you brave enough to face.

Welcome to Silent Lullaby. A game about exploring and surviving in an unknown world. Follow the narrator as he guides you through this strange new place, filled with tens thousands of strange-looking plant creatures and other things that you cannot even begin to comprehend. You must find your way to safety, or die.

How to play Silent Lullaby

Using Mouse

Category and Tags

MonsterSurvivalHalloweenhorrorexplorationmonsterpoint and clicksurvivalhalloweengore

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