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Slashy Camp

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About Slashy Camp

Screechypaloochy! The name evokes images of the rugged red rocks and claustrophobic canyons of the Grand Staircase. But what about the sadistic tent-dwellers...

Screechypaloochy! The name evokes images of the rugged red rocks and claustrophobic canyons of the Grand Staircase. But what about the sadistic tent-dwellers who keep their flocks in those high reaches? Are they evil? Probably not, just as most people aren’t evil. They just have reasons to be. - Rednaxsomeriley Just ask any snake. They’re some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet if not THE most intelligent. - PotatoRaccoon What is a snake you ask? A snake is essentially some amphibious lizard thing with a fairly extended period of time spent in water. You may also see snakes referred to as reptiles or lizards, though snakes are neither. Snakes are tetrapods which means that they have four legs/extended ribs for their entire life (aside from when they hatch). If there is one thing all snakes have in common it’s being feared by people. Think about it, other than hippos, what animals have such an association with fear that you would instinctively run from them? Well now that you know everything there is to know about snakes let’s talk about this game.

If you’ve been looking for a good scary game, then this is the right app for you. You are in the middle of your summer camp when suddenly you hear screams coming from outside the cabin. What is it? Your friends are playing a joke on you or something more serious is happening out there? You may never know until you check it out. But beware, what lurks outside that door might not be so nice as you think. Horror games have become really popular lately and we’re not surprised either. Who doesn’t love playing games about being trapped in a creepy place full of danger and weird creatures that want to kill you? Well, if you love those types of games too, then this one is perfect for you! Why? Because it has awesome graphics, easy controls and an amazing level editor where you can create new locations, characters and events. All you ready to find out what lurks out there? Get started with Slashy Camp

Are you ready for some horror? Well if you’re not, get ready to be scared silly! This is Salty Rushy Camp and it’s a ghost town. It used to be inhabited by people but no one that lives there now. That is, until the evil spirits came along and started haunting this place. The stories say that an old prospector named Mr. Rushy has been haunting the camp and terrorizing anyone who stays there overnight. So when you stay there, remember: Be sure to lock your doors, windows, and all of your Because you never know who or what could be waiting outside of your tent.

You're a scout who has been sent to the creepy forest to find out what happened there. In this game you play as a scout with your dog, and your challenge is to explore the creepy forest, find out what happened and go back alive. - Type of Game: Adventure / Horror - Location: Creepy Forest - What Happened? Nobody but we sure hope that whatever it was didn't stay for - Story: Your mission is simple. Explore the area, find anything suspicious and try to survive at all costs until help arrives. But things aren't as easy as they think.

Camp is full of gross surprises and disgusting creatures. But as long as you have friends, that’s what makes it fun! Your friends will protect you and help you to get out of the creepy place. Use your mouse to aim and shoot at enemies. Upgrade your camp so that you can have more space for exploring and hide from the scary creatures longer. Use YOUR MOUSE TO TARGET AND SHOOT AT ENEMIES To gain more score and get more points, upgrade your camp with various accessories like fencing, latrines, showers...

How to play Slashy Camp

Using Mouse

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