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Slayaway Camp

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About Slayaway Camp

Slayaway Camp : Butcher’s Cut, which is currently available on PC and Xbox This game is a horror game developed by Tender Claws. It was released on...

Slayaway Camp : Butcher’s Cut, which is currently available on PC and Xbox

This game is a horror game developed by Tender Claws. It was released on Xbox One on March 9th, 2018, and PC on June 29th, 2018 for Early Access. The game takes place in a fun summer camp called Camp Clearwater. But what happens when the new counselors start to discover some dark secrets? The game focuses on exploration and puzzle solving with a light touch of gore. This means you will see blood or implied violence but not explicit scenes. Because of this, it’s great for all ages! The story itself is quite simple but enjoyable nevertheless. This game has five main chapters separated into three acts: Tri-Tip Terror, Lakeview Lodge and The Lodge, and Screaming Creek Holiday Shack. Each chapter is its own separate game that can be played separately from each other if you wish to do so (except if playing as the same character). 

A horror game where you play as a counselor at a summer camp. Players take on the role of either Russell or Patty and while they are not aware of each other, they are staying in the same cabin at the camp. One night, something starts killing the counselors one by one. The teenagers must now band together and escape from their home before they are next. Combining simple mechanics with interesting puzzles, This one is a unique take on the survival-horror genre that delivers an intense experience with each everyone.

The game is called Slayaway Camp. You’ve just arrived as a new camper at the aptly named Slender Lake Camp for troubled kids. The campers have heard that if you spend the night in one of their cabins you will have a horrifying experience — nightmares will be perpetuated and your fears will come to life. Your only escape from this hellish experience will be a blessed morning after. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But whatever it is, you better put on your brave face and deal with it like a champ! 

How to play Slayaway Camp

Using Mouse

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