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Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

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About Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

Slendrina X The Dark Hospital is an incredible and frightening new horror game to play. This game will take you into a hospital full of darkness, mystery...

Slendrina X The Dark Hospital is an incredible and frightening new horror game to play. This game will take you into a hospital full of darkness, mystery and danger. You have been invited by your aunt to spend the night at her house. But when you get there everything seems so strange and unfamiliar. You explore the place and find out that this is not an ordinary house but a hospital of some kind! Creepy things start happening once you enter the hospital for the first time. And as scary as it gets, the hospital keeps getting more horrifying with each passing day! The Slendrinas are demonic creatures that feed on fear, joy and other emotions from humans. They are not evil by nature; they just want to keep their human prey happy, healthy and subservient to them. If you’re brave enough then be ready for a thrilling

SLENDER ROOM You are trapped in a dark and creepy room, where you have no idea what will happen next. You might be able to run out of this place because you know how to get out of a place but things aren’t as straightforward as you think. The hospital is not exactly a desirable place to be right now, so it’s best if you get yourself out of there ASAP. However, the way out seems to be quite far from here. You just wish that your friends will be by your side through everything and protect you from the evils that lurk in the corners of this dilapidated house

The Dark Hospital is a dark game. It’s a scary game. It’s a scary game where you will be trapped inside the hospital, with no clue how to get out Is it because you are scared? Or maybe, this is just a test for you who are one of the patients in this You will not know, until you find out by Find all of your hidden energy and energy stashes to keep yourself from getting exhausted every time you roam around or hide from anyone when they come near you. Stay alert always and don't let anything surprise you!

Are you ready for some spooky thrills? Then Slendrina the Dark Fairy is the right game for you! She’s back with more spookiness this time. Come along as she embarks on another adventurous journey to a remote Haunted Hospital. In order to save her Grandson from a terrible curse, she must venture inside and explore every corner of the building in search of useful items and clues that may help her. 

Experience the most best and challenging Slendrina Escape Game of the year. You are here to know about a creepy hospital where you are being trapped by some mysterious force. Try to find a way to get out of this scary place before it’s too late. Try your best and explore every inch of this hospital because there must be something interesting around here. Good luck

How to play Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

Instruction Controls: W,A,S,D to Move F to Interact/Hide/Use Item G to Drop Item T to Unhide Escape to Pause C to Crouch

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