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The Dawn Of Slenderman

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About The Dawn Of Slenderman

Slenderman is a fictional character and an antagonist from the creepypasta website Creepypasta Wiki, created by Victor Surge. Slenderman is described as...

Slenderman is a fictional character and an antagonist from the creepypasta website Creepypasta Wiki, created by Victor Surge. Slenderman is described as an unnaturally tall pale humanoid with no eyes, arms or legs with only two appendages: long tentacles for hands and feet. The character has no discernible head, but has been portrayed as wearing a black suit with a white shirt underneath. His appearance is that of a man whose face is obscured by shadow except for his red-topped nose and white lips. His tentacles have been depicted in many different ways, including as extra limbs or bones and as different lengths. In some depictions Slenderman may have other features such as a second set of eyes or teeth growing out of his mouth. These features are present in all versions of the character but often exaggerated. Slenderman’s first appearance was on January 27th 2009 on the Creepypasta Wiki under the name “Victor Surge” where he had posted under his username the story called “The Surgeon” where he had introduced the character to be known as “The Surgeon”. This story was later deleted from Creepypasta Wiki after causing much controversy surrounding Slender Man. The account from which this story originated was then also deleted soon

Slenderman is a fictional creature that originated on the Something Awful Forums in 2009. The character has since gone viral and spawned many different media projects, including video games. Slenderman is known as a tall, faceless being with tentacles for hair and two glowing red eyes. He usually appears as a humanoid wearing a black suit or in a more realistic form wearing a hospital gown. There are numerous stories surrounding Slenderman, but the most common involve children who mysteriously disappear around lakes and forests at night. Many believe that Slenderman was created by these children's parents to scare them into staying inside at night and not venturing into dangerous areas

Slender Man, also known as Slender Man, is an inbred and disfigured creature that appears in an Internet Horror series. He has no eyes, no mouth, and a large nose which conceals his one appearing red eye. He usually wears black suit which covers his whole body. He is said to be about 4 feet tall with unnaturally long arms and legs. He first appeared on the Something Awful internet forum by Eric Knudsen in 2009 where he was created by him as a villain for children’s short stories. In early 2010, he became popular as his images started being used as a meme on websites like Reddit and 4chan. His popularity continued to grow, eventually leading to films and video games being produced

Slender Man is a fictional character and mythological entity described as a tall, thin man with unnaturally long arms and a featureless face. He is often depicted as wearing a black suit. The Slender Man is said to appear when you're alone and afraid, standing in the dark waiting for you. Who is he? Where did he come from? What does he want from us? The SlENDERMAN follows these individuals around as they try to uncover what this entity is, but no one has ever come close to finding Until now. This is the story of your last hope. Are you ready

Slender Man is a fictional supernatural Being that originated on the Something Awful forums. The Slender Man character first appeared in 2009 as a photoshop joke created by one of the forum's users, Eric Knudsen. However, after receiving hundreds of emails from people claiming they had seen or encountered the Slender Man, he became an internet sensation and has since spawned into a series of books, video games, films and other

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