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The Visitor

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About The Visitor

Escape from The Fog, a mysterious place where no one has ever escaped. The Fog is a vast and treacherous wilderness which holds countless mysteries. When...

Escape from The Fog, a mysterious place where no one has ever escaped. The Fog is a vast and treacherous wilderness which holds countless mysteries. When you step outside of the city walls, you are almost certain to never return. Escape from the Fog is an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game in which you play as William, a man who ventures out into the unknown to find his sister. The fog is so thick that even the guards at the city gates cannot see what lies beyond its misty mists. But there are those who have made it their mission to find a way inside this impenetrable wall and discover its secrets at any Escape from The Fog is an unconventional horror adventure game in which your primary objective is to escape from this fog-shrouded world. Solve puzzles and find useful items to help you on your way out of this mysterious

One night, the Haunting of Hill House takes an unexpected and grim turn for Eleanor. She hears a noise coming from outside her bedroom window, and when she goes to investigate, she discovers something beyond her worst imagination. The house is full of visitors, lurking creatures that want nothing more than her doom. She must find a way out and survive long enough to warn the outside world, but how? As the days pass by, Eleanor realizes that she will not be able to escape from this house on her own. The only person who can help her is another visitor in the house: The Lying Visitor from Another Realm! Together they must explore every corner of the mansion until they finally find a solution to get out

A virtual stranger has come to stay with you. You’re not sure why, and you’re not sure how long he’ll be staying. One thing’s for certain: the Visitor won’t be leaving anytime soon - and neither will you. Somewhere on the other side of that door lies something so terrifying it could tear your world apart. But what if there was a chance things might work out? If only you could convince him to stay? This is what happens when you let a strange man into your house

I don’t know how to explain this. So I will let you discover the game on your own. It is a Point-and-Click Adventure game, made in RPGMaker MV using Ren'Py Engine. It's about a girl called Stella and her new friend, Mr.K who comes to visit every night for a year. You have to explore his house and figure out what he is up to and why he is visiting at night

This is the first entry in a series of point and click horror games that I plan to make. In this game, you will be exploring an abandoned asylum in search of answers. There are many different endings depending on your wise choices.

How to play The Visitor

Using Mouse

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MonsterHorrorhorrorexplorationmonsterpoint and clickriddlegore

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