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Troll Face Quest: Horror

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About Troll Face Quest: Horror

The face of a Troll is not a happy one. They do not like to smile, but rather hide their faces behind oversized noses and crooked teeth. The Troll that...

The face of a Troll is not a happy one. They do not like to smile, but rather hide their faces behind oversized noses and crooked teeth. The Troll that lurks in the darkest caverns under the surface of the earth is rumored to be capable of taking on the appearance of its surroundings. That’s why they are often called “troll-faces”. In this hidden object game you have to find all troll faces hidden around the gorgeous scenery and collect them to earn points and unlock new locations with new locations opening up as you progress through the game layers after layers deeper into the earth until you reach an end location known as “The End” where it is said that no one has ever returned from having seen what lies beyond

You want to play a game? Well, if you want to play a game of Troll face quest, here it is. You have to navigate your way through the traps and puzzles that are their home. Are you up for this challenge? Troll face quest is a point and click adventure horror video game developed by Endnight Games. The game was released on October 10th, 2018 for Microsoft Windows via Steam and Xbox One. Explore the dark world with your favorite face character and discover many different kinds of traps along your journey. It's up to you how far you'll go in order to save the villagers from evil and get rid of these pesky trolls.

This is a game where you will explore a weird world full of creepy creatures. This is a point and click type game which involves exploration and finding items to complete levels. If you also love horror genre then this game is perfect for you. It has everything that makes it perfect for halloween party or just chilling at home with your friends or family. The best part about this game is that, all of the designs are made using face-tapping software known as “Troll Face".

In this point and click adventure game you will explore a strange island and its creepy mansion. You play as two friends who were bored one weekend so they decided to play the new game that came out called “Troll Face Quest”. They agreed that whoever finishes the quest first wins. The only problem? This game gets scarier and scarier by each level. Now they must finish the game before it ends up killing them! Can they do it?

Six friends are about to have the worst night of their lives. The woods around their old childhood cottage are filled with strange noises at night, but they think nothing of it and head out to enjoy a bonfire party. But when one of them disappears into the darkness, will they follow? It’s up to you to find out what happens next and uncover the secrets that lie in this remote.

How to play Troll Face Quest: Horror

Using Mouse

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