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Troll Face Quest: Horror 2

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About Troll Face Quest: Horror 2

If you are looking for a funny adventure game then Troll Face Quest Horror is the perfect choice for you. You will enjoy playing this game and it will...

If you are looking for a funny adventure game then Troll Face Quest Horror is the perfect choice for you. You will enjoy playing this game and it will help you while passing your free time. In this game, you are going to play as a troll named as Tim who wants to be famous like his friend and neighbor, Anika. To meet her dream, he needs some sort of fake confidence that comes from strange face. Explore the beautiful world full of strange creatures and solve different puzzles in order to complete the main story level and unlock new worlds. Play through 10 challenging levels of Puzzles, Point & Click exploration, tricky minigames and hidden objects to solve the mystery behind Anika’s disappearance from her house. The game has graphics that are created with an amazing art style which can give you a sense of reality from every level of the game. If you love interesting adventures then this is one for you.

An anonymous user posts a video on the internet with a hauntingly beautiful song. The video goes viral and millions of people all over the world fall in love with it. However there is something dark and sinister hidden behind that beauty. Something so terrible that humanity may never be able to recover from Everyone sees the cute face of trolls, not their evil side. But what happens when that side comes out? You will see them as you’ve never seen them before: in their most grotesque forms, disguised as humans, tricking and disguising themselves as other creatures to hide their true identities and lure innocent victims into a death trap filled with unimaginable.

You’ve just moved into a new house for the summer with your family. Everything seems perfect at first, but as the night falls so does the darkness. Something evil is lurking nearby and it feels determined to take your new home as its own. Explore the strange and unknown in this point-and-click adventure game. Follow our main character, Alice, through her adventures while staying sane in a creepy house full of secret passages and dark rooms. Hunt for clues, solve puzzles and uncover hidden items that will help you survive the night. Go on an emotional rollercoaster ride where you’ll laugh, cry, scream and probably end up as a psycho killer before morning.

This is a point-and-click adventure game where you play as a special child named ARI who accidentally wandered into the unknown world of ‘Troll Face Quest’. This game is filled with tricks and traps, strange creatures and unique puzzles. Your ultimate goal is to explore the different locations in this game and find useful objects that can help you on your way. The more interesting and helpful items you find, the higher your score will be at the end of each level. Good luck.

Welcome to the Hall of Games! Today, we’ll be reviewing a point and click adventure game for PC by Adult Swim Games called Troll Face Quest. The game is available for purchase on Steam for USD or for free if you own one of the previous two games in the series. It’s also available on the mobile app stores for Android and iOS devices. Now before we get into it, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this.

How to play Troll Face Quest: Horror 2

Using Mouse

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