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About Troll Face Quest: Horror 3

Are you ready for a challenging and fun point and click game? If yes then welcome to Troll Face Quest. The game is designed for all ages so that everyone...

Are you ready for a challenging and fun point and click game? If yes then welcome to Troll Face Quest. The game is designed for all ages so that everyone can enjoy it. The game is based on the popular meme ‘Trollface’ where the players must take left or right path by matching the appropriate facial expressions of the troll. In this hilarious hidden object game, you are playing as a troll named Toby who has been captured by humans. He needs to escape from his captors before they get bored with him. Help him explore different places inside his cell as well as outside it, as he tries to find a way out of his predicament. The game comes with five chapters each with unique locations and puzzles in them. To succeed in the game, you will have to match the faces of characters in order to proceed further in the story line. Search through different locations to find items, use them wisely and complete tasks assigned to you by your jailer or other inhabitants of your cell such as guards or prisoners. Have a nice day.

Welcome to the most challenging game you’ll play this season. Yup, it’s that kind of day where we get to test your reflexes, puzzle solving skills and logic thinking skills. The adorable little creatures known as trolls have found a way into human civilization. You are one of the few humans who have managed to escape the clutches of these blood sucking beasts! But you aren’t alone. You have friends. You have family. You have people who will help you fight back against these damnable creatures once they infiltrate your town! But wait… What if they come first? What if they come before anyone else realizes what is happening? It’s time to explore your surroundings and find out just how much these creatures have infiltrated human.

The sequel to the smash hit phenomenon Troll Face Quest is finally here! In this chilling adventure, players take control of three new friends - Amanda the redhead, Justin the jock and Ryan the nerd - in a hilarious new troll-hunting adventure. After saving their town from an evil troll named Rayna, our heroes thought it would be safe to remain together in their tree house. However, the trolls have other plans for them. They’ve been invited to spend a day at the big city for some fun activities. And what better place is there to visit than New York City? Our lovable protagonists must bravely embark on this new experience if they ever want to see their hometown again. But that’s not even the scariest thing.

Dear Adventurers, Today is a special day – it’s the first day of autumn, which means it’s time for Trollface Quest! This year the festivities will be bigger and better than ever before. We’ve got brand new masks this year and we can’t wait to see what you make with them. First up, let’s talk about the new masks we have in store this year. The Cat Mask: “Meow meow meow meow meow!” The Dog Mask: “woof woof woof woof!” The Human Mask: “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-INGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” 

One day you see a friend online, playing a new game. In that game is a little green creature that you can play too. The game is called Troll Face Quest. The first thing you do when playing the game is to pick your character, a troll for the face, of course. Then you get to the real fun part; making your troll face! Make sure to check back each day so your troll-self doesn’t look too much like an old crone.

How to play Troll Face Quest: Horror 3

Using Mouse

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