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Zombie Mission 8

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About Zombie Mission 8

Zombie Mission 8 is the latest installment in the zombie defense series. It is challenging and fun for all ages. Battle against the zombie hordes in different...

Zombie Mission 8 is the latest installment in the zombie defense series. It is challenging and fun for all ages. Battle against the zombie hordes in different scenarios. Upgrade your weaponry and keep on fighting until you vanquish the zombies. The zombies are back again and they this time they’re more determined than ever to reach their final goal, which is to end all human existence on Earth, by swallowing it whole! However, this time around there’s a new kid in town who thinks otherwise – you! As a member of The Survivors Group (TSG) you have sworn to defend mankind, no matter what it takes! And with that in mind you will find yourself thrust headlong into an explosive situation as the undead are swarming from every direction like ants from a mound of sugar: They’re coming by land; crawling through ventilation shafts and storm drains; marching towards you from beyond city limits; and even descending from higher elevations upon your home base. Your mission? To protect your family at all costs – but how exactly do you plan to accomplish that when every possible avenue has been blocked off? Very simple my friend: You become a smart survivor and upgrade your defensive fortifications so as to safeguard them against any threat 

Zombie Mission 8: Escape From The Lab is the final chapter of this thrilling zombie survival videogame series. It features all new gameplay, 3 different ZOMBIES, 5 DIFFERENT VEHICLES and 10 UPGRADES. You must eliminate all the zombies from the complex to survive another night. This time you will be trapped inside a secret military research lab with no way out except by solving puzzles and destroying zombies. Equip your car with as many upgrades as you can afford, or risk being overrun. You will need to upgrade your vehicle's armor, weapons and speed to protect yourself from incoming waves of zombies. There are random events that occur in real life which are reflected in our games. For example, it gets darker sooner in real life than in our game because of the lights inside the labs we built for you. We have also adjusted some prices to reflect actual costs, such as electricity and plastic costs for building barricades and build ammunition.

The zombies have invaded your base and you’re the only one who can stop them! The zombies are relentless, so you have to be too! Upgrade your gear, barricade doors and windows, plant traps, and build alternate escape routes. You’ll need every advantage you can get if you hope to survive these zombie attacks! In this mission of the first-ever Zombie Mission series, take on a horde of zombies with just one other player. Your objective is simple: board up each window and door the zombies can reach with planks, boards, shutters and locks. Then safely escort the scientists out through secret passages and back to the safe zone before they’re bitten or killed by a zombie. Sounds easy? Not when there are hundreds of zombies trying to get inside your base! If they manage to make it in undetected then good luck getting them all back out again without endangering yourself or anyone

The final mission of Zombie Ops is here. As you fight your way past a rebel stronghold and through the forest, there’s one thing that becomes clear: the end is nigh. Once you reach the final stretch of road, not even your skills will be enough to save you. Zombies are pouring out of every building, every shack and every cellar door. They’re everywhere, and they’re After eight missions filled with increasing levels of difficulty, it’s time to face the ultimate test: can you beat the final boss? You might not have access to all of your gear yet, but with careful team management and a little bit of teamwork from your teammates, you just might stand a chance in this final

In this mission, you have to kill all the zombies in a limited time. Use various upgrades and steath techniques. Are you ready to save your team mates? Be careful there are traps everywhere! If you miss any zombie with your upgradtes or shots, they will come back to life as soon as possible. The best way to survive is not making any noise at all! Stay alert and watch the enemies carefully! You can do this mission solo but we recommend that you do it with a friend because it’s easier that way. Good luck soldier! Let's end this nightmare

How to play Zombie Mission 8

Using Mouse

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