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About Zombrawl

Zombrawl is a fast-paced, action-packed zombie arcade game. Fight hordes of zombies with over 40 upgradable weapon types. Upgrade your character and unlock...

Zombrawl is a fast-paced, action-packed zombie arcade game. Fight hordes of zombies with over 40 upgradable weapon types. Upgrade your character and unlock new outfits, perks and maps at your disposal

This game is an arcade-style beatem up game that puts a zombie twist on classic video games. It’s packed with action, but the real challenge will be keeping your friends entertained while you play! The game starts with a simple premise: You must explore a dangerous laboratory to find and retrieve valuable clues that will lead you to your missing girlfriend. However, as soon as you step foot inside it, everything goes horribly wrong. You quickly realize that there is more to this place than meets the ...and so much more than just science, too. You see, this lab has been home to an experiment gone terribly awry, one that created a whole host of zombies… and strange experiments made them even smarter and stronger by breeding together the best traits from several different species of intelligent life--oh yes, it’s no wonder the place is crawling with monsters now. Luckily for you and everyone else who doesn’t want to become lunch for whatever ghastly mutations have taken up residence inside this place, there are scientists who have developed experimental weapons designed specifically to take out these creatures once and for all; unfortunately for all of us who still plan on being here when they finish testing them out… we may not make it out alive if they succeed in purging everyone in the end.

It's a zombie apocalypse! But you're not some mindless ghoul. You're a survivor! A high-profile, well-trained, highly intelligent survivor. What better way to prove your worth by facing the ultimate challenge: This amazing game ! This one is a fast-paced 3D beatem up game that takes place in an arena filled with hordes of brain-craving zombies. It has everything you could ever want in a game of this kind. From smashing through hundreds of zombies with your karate chops and shurikens, to upgrading your character and discovering new abilities every level. Your only goal is to survive as long as possible while meeting all the objectives to unlock the final level. You can be the last

The world is on the brink of destruction. The cities have become strongholds for the merciless zombie forces. You are one of the survivors, fighting to protect your home from these brain-hungry fiends. As you venture deeper into the city, you will come across more dangerous zombies and deadly traps waiting for you at every turn. How long can you hold out?

Zombrawl is a game that combines beatem up, 3d arena, fighting and upgrade as well. You start off with a basic character playing various different mini games in order to get money and unlock new or upgraded characters. It is highly

How to play Zombrawl

Using Mouse

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HorrorSurvivalupgrades3dzombiefightingbeatem uparena

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