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Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns

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About Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns

There are all sorts of things crawling in the woods: bugs, animals and maybe even other people. But when you go out to explore at night, do you really...

There are all sorts of things crawling in the woods: bugs, animals and maybe even other people. But when you go out to explore at night, do you really expect to see anything? Zoolax Nights is a point-and-click horror game that takes place at night time. The player will have to explore a forest as they try to find out what lurks in it. Things usually get scarier as the light fades away and so does your sanity. However, this also means that there’s less light for your enemies who want to attack you at any given moment. During the day, you can see pretty much everything around you. At night though… that’s when things can get real scary. Especially if there are evil clowns roaming about… They might not look threatening but trust us; they’re definitely not friendly either! You should always stay away from them or else you might end up playing their own game instead of yours

Do you like games with a good story? Do you like games that are hard to play but in the end give you a good experience? If your answer was yes, then Zoolax Nights is for you. This game is a mixture of point and click and survival genres. During this adventure, your character will face many issues. You have to be smart and quick in order to solve them. One wrong move can cost you your life or worse, take it away forever. In Zoolax Nights, you must explore and escape from the creepy night club where evil clowns live. The evil clowns are after you because they want to zoolax you. In this adventure, your character will find various ways out of various situations that he finds himself in. You have different ways of solving each puzzle and escape from each room or area where the evil clowns decided to lock you up in their hamlet for being an outsider outside at night

Welcome to Zoolax Nights, the Evil Clowns’ latest and greatest game. Players take on the role of an Evil Clown who has been banished from the circus for being a regular jester. Now you must go back to your roots and become the ultimate evil clown once again! The only problem is that all of the other evil clowns have been captured and locked up in cages scattered throughout the circus grounds. It won’t be easy climbing through each and every cage, but we hope that you have what it takes! How would you like to prove your worth as an Evil Clown? Would you rather try and escape from us? If so, then read this guide carefully because it could mean the difference between staying here with us or returning

Have you ever seen a Zoolax? They are absurdly creepy, frightening creatures that come out at night on Halloween. These nights, they roam the streets in search of little children to sacrifice and harvest their organs. Luckily, there's something you can do about it! Find these beasts and kill them before they find you. In this point-and-click game, you'll need to explore your surroundings and look for items that may help you survive and fight against the evil clowns. Use everything around you to your advantage and solve puzzles to outsmart and kill the creatures once and for

Zoolax Nights Evil Clowns is a point-and-click adventure game which will take you to the scary world of clowns. The game is about a boy named William who was searching for his missing friend Sarah, who disappeared just before Halloween. As he started looking for her, he discovered a lair inhabited by evil clowns. This game will make you explore different environments, solve puzzles and talk to characters in order to learn more about Sarah’s disappearance and the strange things that have happened in the town

How to play Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns

Using Mouse

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